Our products are manufactured with great care from carefully selected materials. Below you will find more information about the materials for our various products.


Shop Bag are made of a robust polyester material. These bags can hold up to 5 KG in weight and are machine washable.

Shop Set

These four carrier bags are made from recycled material from PET bottles. They are practical and environmentally friendly, as they can be used over and over again. Each bag holds roughly the same amount as a regular plastic bag and can carry up to 5 kg.

Veggio 3 & 5-Pack

These mesh bags are perfect for storing and transporting fruit and vegetables. They are also made from recycled polyester from PET bottles, saving natural resources. They are light, airy and durable.

Veggio C

These bags are made from 100% natural cellulose, a material that comes from wood fibers. The wood fibers are certified by FSC and PEFC, which means that they come from responsible forestry. These bags are compostable and biodegradable.