Shop Bag - "Reusing and Reducing" BLUE

39 kr

Carrinet Shop Bag – a collapsible shopping bag the same size as a traditional plastic carrier bag, but which becomes super small when folded. You can easily keep it in your pocket or purse, ready for every shopping trip.

You will never again need to buy an expensive plastic bag or paper bag, but can easily take out your own small cloth bag in the grocery store, on the market square, in the pharmacy or in the clothing store. Our reusable bag quickly pays off both in your wallet and for the planet as you save on so much unnecessary single-use plastic.

Make sure you always have our foldable shopping bag in your pocket, purse or car. The children can have one in their school bag or backpack to take home extra clothes or books.

Unfolded, the bag is 63 x 45 cm. The small inner bag is sewn into the large one so you never lose the small storage pocket. A drawstring easily closes the small bag so that the shop bag does not roll out by itself.

Feel free to complete with Veggio reusable fruit and vegetable bags or our Carrinet Shop Set.

Made from recycled PET. A strong material and strong seams, can withstand up to 10 kg.
Washable, 30 degrees in machine or hand wash if necessary.

Carrinet Shop Bag can be recycled! Drop it off for textile recycling or plastic recycling.

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Carrinet Shop Set
The 4 larger shopping bags are made from recycled PET bottles. The bags are roughly the same size as a normal carrier/shopping bag and can store everything you need as they hold up to 5 kg/piece.

Veggio Mesh Bags
100% Cellulose.

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Designed in Sweden - Made in India.