Carrinet develops products with a smart design and high quality that make it easy to take green steps in your everyday life. Since 2017, we have been creating reusable products that promote multiple use and thus reduce the wasteful footprint on our planet. So far, our reusable products have prevented over 1000 tons of single-use plastic from being used and we continue our mission - to reduce the need for all single-use use of both plastic and paper to a minimum. Carrinet's environmental products are sold all over the world in both physical and digital stores, mainly in the grocery trade, but also in kitchen and gift shops, farm shops, flower shops and as popular profile products.
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Today's consumers are very environmentally conscious and knowledgeable in the field. Resistance to using single-use plastic bags and paper bags is growing all the time, and consumers are demanding reusable options in the store and looking for possible solutions online. By selling Veggio, you as a store show that you care about the environment and want to help reduce the use of plastic and offer green alternatives.


The small disposable bags in the form of plastic or paper are a cost to the store both because they are given away for free and because there is a tremendous waste of unused bags lying on the floor and getting tangled in racks. If each customer has a set of 5 Veggio bags, they can save between 250-400 bags per year. Think of the savings both for the store and for the environment if you repeat it with all your customers!


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