Carrinet develops products with smart design and high quality that make it easy to take green steps in everyday life. Since 2016, we have been creating reusable products that promote reuse and thus reduce the wasteful footprint on our planet.

To date, our reusable products have prevented over 1000 tons of single-use plastic from being used and we continue our mission – to reduce the need for all single-use plastic and paper to a minimum. Carrinet's environmental products are sold all over the world in both physical and digital stores, mainly in the grocery trade, but also in kitchen and gift shops, farm shops, flower shops, and as popular profile products.

Do you want to profile your company with our products? We have different types of packaging and concepts for stores and companies.

Our Partners

We already work with retailers and distributors worldwide, such as ICA, COOP, City Gross, ASDA, Walmart and many more. Become part of our team and help us offer more sustainable options to consumers.

Why Cooperate With Us?

We work closely with our dealers and distributors to ensure you have the materials you need to succeed.


We are always available to help our partners with materials, support, guidance and more regarding our products. Together we win!


Our products are certified by several leading certification bodies, which ensures that strict guidelines are met. These include RISE, Fairtrade, FSC, BSCI and many more.

Proven Products

Our products have an average rating of 4.5 based on hundreds of reviews on different platforms and marketplaces. We are happy that our products are popular and continue to work to deliver the best possible products to our customers.

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