About us

When you live on Sweden's west coast, you are never far from the salty sea. Like most people who come from Gothenburg, we love the sea and take care of it.

That's why we started Carrinet in 2016. We decided that our company could and would do something about all the waste that single-use plastics cause. Our mission is to reduce the consumption of disposable bags and replace them with reusable polyester and cellulose bags.

We developed a concept to increase the use of eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic and paper bags. We are very proud and happy that we have already been able to save the earth from thousands of tons of plastic. Our customers are located in Europe, the USA, Australia, as well as in southern and central Europe. In Sweden , our bags can be bought in stores such as ICA, Coop, City Gross all over the country.

It's nice that you found Carrinet and we hope you'll continue to help us in the fight to get as many people as possible to become reusers!



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